The Drive to Dubai -book review

I chose the Drive from English Garden, because it's new book and looks interestiong, but it's not interestiong but serious. Actually, I can't understand all of the sentence and a little difficult story, so I cannot explain story definately.

Kareen is a university student, and he loved Smira from rich family. His father id hard worker, because he wanted to succeed in his job. Nobody works hard as him and at last he could be promoted to important section. His family was really happy. However, misfortune happened, the occurrence made them unhappy. His fahter was arrested on suspition of theft in spite of he's not a theft. Then, it spoiled his marriage with Samira, because her father changed his mind and could not approve of it. Also, everbody avoided contact with them.

I was really irritated with its story. Why one innocent man was aressted? I felt frustrated.

After that, he decided to find a real theft. He asked many people who works with fahter and pretended cleaner. So, at last he found a real theft.

I don't like this story. I'm weak on reading detective story.

Anyway, I was reliefed that his innocent could be proofed

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